Making Homework Easier

  • Set a regular time and place for homework and stick to it.
  • Have all family members take part in a quiet activity during this time so your child doesn’t feel like he/she is missing out.
  • Create a homework box! Inside this box place all the things your child may need to get their homework done. Ex: pencils, pens, markers, stapler, paper, scissors, etc. If all is kept together there won’t be any wasted time running to get things. Make a rule that these items are only for homework and must go back in the box when homework is done.



Dyslexic students often have a limited vocabulary. If a student is reading at a low level, they are not exposed to the many words which make our language more vivid and interesting. When writing they shy away from words they cannot spell. Use the tips below to build vocabulary at home.

  • Learn a new vocabulary word as a family everyday with a word a day calendar and have everyone use it in a sentence.
  • Read a higher level book to your child and talk about the meanings of words encountered as you talk about the story.
  • Learn a root and its meaning and talk about how a word changes with different affixes added. Eg: struct (to build) instruct, destruct, construct
  • Every time an unknown word is read, highlight or underline it. Guess from the context what it means then look it up. Write it on a 3×5 card and put the definition on the back. Go back and reread the passage for review and meaning.
  • Draw or clip a picture that will help your child remember the definition of new vocabulary words learned. Ex: melancholy (sad) Find a picture in a magazine or draw a sad face below the word on the 3×5 card.
  • Learn words with a theme.
    • Emotions: defiant, blissful, elated, anxious, fatigued
    • Colors: ecru, taupe, mauve, chartreuse, magenta
    • Foods: escargot, capers, mutton, capon, flounder, prawn
    • Animals: horse, stallion. mare, pony, colt, steed, mule, filly



Bean Bag Toss Game

This is a fun way to practice spelling words at home.

Supplies: Index Cards & Beanbag (beanbag can be home made)

One side of several index cards write the words for review. Place the cards face down on the floor, concentration style. Give your child a beanbag and have them stand behind a designated line, a distance from the cards. They must toss the bean bag to land on one of the cards. The parent reads the card and the child must spell the word. Play alternates until all the cards are spelled. The one with the most answers correct, is the winner.



To Play: Place a pile of word cards face down on the table. Choose spelling words or other words to practice reading. On some of the cards write Shazam! and mix them into the pile.

Player one draws, reads and keeps word cards until he wishes to stop. He then calls, “Shazam!” and player two draws, reads and keeps word cards until he chooses to stop in the same way. When a player gets a Shazam card (a card with the word Shazam! on it) he forfeits all his cards and his turn to the next player. The person with the most cards when the pile is used up is the winner.

This game provides motivation for learning and kids love it!

Note: Losing cards can be hard for some students.