Over 180 research studies have proven that phonics is the BEST WAY to teach reading to all students. They have also shown that phonics is the ONLY WAY to teach reading to students with learning disabilities! www.childdevelopmentinfo.com.

Even with this research many schools are still using the whole word (memorization) approach or a combination of some phonics and whole word. Students getting only some phonics are usually able to get the first sound in a word and guess at the rest. They have no idea how to make all the sounds work or blend together.

With only 46 sounds in the English language, it makes more sense to teach students these sounds with their corresponding letters than to make students memorize 1 million words! The Orton-Gillingham approach used by Turning Pages’ tutors teaches these sounds and gives students the tools they need to decode over 90% of the words in the English language. After third or fourth grade when reading instruction stops in the schools, many students will struggle. With a phonics program like O-G, students can continue to decode higher level words by using the tools and techniques they have learned.

Learning Disabilities Simulation

Experience the difficulties and frustrations that individuals with learning disabilities face every day through simulation exercises. This informative workshop focuses on reading, handwriting, and auditory processing disabilities. Create awareness, understanding, and tolerance of learning disabilities by experiencing firsthand the struggles students with disabilities encounter in the classroom. Learn how to encourage and motivate students with high frustration levels and low self esteem. Call 616-243-READ for scheduling information and cost.


Game CDs

The Turning Pages Phonics Game CDs are now available.  Each CD is filled with over 50 colorful reading and spelling games to play with your students.  Games have been created to go along with Orton-Gillingham lessons and cover syllable patterns, categories, spelling rules and more.  There are also plenty of blank games to fill in with words your students are working on.  These phonics games will bring many hours of fun while providing a great way to reinforce and review the concepts taught.

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