Turning Pages for Tutors Turning Pages’ tutors change lives every day, one page at a time.

  • 75% of Children identified as having reading difficulties after nine years of age continue to have difficulties after High School.
  • We train specialized reading tutors in Orton-Gillingham to work effectively with children or adults with learning disabilities.
  • Orton-Gillingham is a multisensory, structured, phonetic approach to reading and spelling. It is systematic, cumulative and integrated with phonemic awareness.
  • We provide ongoing educational support for tutors though observations, in-services, conferences, and newsletters.
  • We offer competitive salary
  • We supply tutors with resources, materials, and support for their students.

Join the Turning Pages team and teach the skills, that will last a lifetime. All tutors must have a Bachelor’s Degree, complete a 30 hour training module, and a 16 hour internship with an experienced tutor.